How We Do What We Do

How We Do What We Do


My passion for educating people started long ago when I was a music teacher in the public school system. When the school district lost a levy and decided to cut the music program, I had to begin teaching other subjects—physical education, computer keyboarding (typing, essentially), and so on.

I began to teach high schoolers the importance of planning ahead, how compound interest and debt work, how to balance a checkbook, and things like that. I continually reminded my students, “You’re not going to use trigonometry and calculus for the rest of your life, but you will use these financial concepts—and, in fact, you’ll likely use them every day.”

My goal is to educate and help people who find themselves in financial binds because they don’t have a good understanding of finances or solid, long-term saving and investing strategies. I want to help people unravel the complexities of saving and investing. It is truly amazing how most people misunderstand financial concepts as basic as the difference between average returns and actual returns.

One way we offer financial education is through our Retirement Readiness Boot Camp workshops at Spokane Falls Community College (Washington State) and North Idaho Community College. The Boot Camp event is specifically designed to prepare individuals approaching or in retirement.  Business owners and other professionals have also attended the boot camp and given it rave reviews.

Another way that we offer solid financial education is through our very popular SmartWealth Radio show heard each weekend in Washington and Idaho and expanding into Colorado, Hawaii, Arizona, and Texas.